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Current Work

We are working on projects and actions to support educators and students, and to better understand how to effectively direct our advocacy. 

Educator Fund

Summer 2023 Digital Storytelling Workshop for BIPOC Students


Pile Of Books
High School Friends
Investment Chart

We have grant funds to support K-12 educators who are eager to create more inclusive, multicultural, and anti-racist classrooms. These funds are specifically for educators (or students studying to be educators, or others who interact with K-12 public school students in some way), who live/work in Whatcom County. Please fill out the form linked below to make your funding request, and allow about 1-2 weeks for us to review it and respond.


Educator Fund Request

We are planning to partner with Connecting Community in summer 2023 to offer a 3-5 day Digital Storytelling Workshop for BIPOC middle school students in Whatcom County. The workshop will accommodate 8-10 students. Check back here for more information in February/March 2023

We are advocating for actions in Whatcom County public schools to create a more equitable, inclusive, and culturally responsive school culture, that approaches teaching and learning through an anti-racist lens. As we build capacity and learn about specific issues, we will create opportunities for the community to engage with us in advocating for changes that we believe need to be implemented.

Wishlist Projects

We hope to work on these in the future. Some of them will require funds and resources which we have yet to procure.

We encourage you to get involved if you have time, ideas, expertise, or resources to share!

Diversifying Classroom Books and Teacher Materials

Funding books and materials for schools and classrooms so that they expand representation, incorporate diverse world views, create space for conversations about racism and anti-racism, and inspire teachers and students to center social justice as a core value.

Live virtual or in-person events for teachers

Creating opportunities and spaces (both virtual and face-to-face) for educators from different schools and buildings throughout Whatcom County to collaborate, share resources and pedagogies, and connect each other outside the classroom and school building walls.

Teacher Fellowship Program

We'd love to start a teacher fellowship program that supports teachers along their anti-racist journey, brings them together every year for an annual workshop/training and provide an opportunity for educators across the county to connect with each other and share resources.

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