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NOTE: We are in a transition/planning phase, and may not have regular monthly community meetings this fall. We still plan to have community meetings, but the frequency and timing may change.

If you would like to know about future meetings and receive the Zoom link directly to your Inbox, the best way to do that is to sign up for our newsletter on our Get Involved page!


Some or our meetings that have been recorded are included here with links to their YouTube recordings.

Below are links to recordings from past meetings that we have recorded to date.

*recording will be posted after the meeting*

Culturally Responsive Math Dducation

With guest speaker Matteo Tamburini, who teaches at Northwest Indian College.

YouTube Recording

Principals Panel - what does EDI look like in your school?

We invited a panel of school principals to talk about Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and anti-racism work happening in their schools, including challenges, successes, and their vision moving forward.

YouTube Recording

How can we be Better Allies to our Youth?

With guest speaker, Jason McGill, Executive Director of Northwest Youth Services.

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