Our Work

We are working on projects and actions to support educators and understand how to effectively direct our advocacy. We are currently completely volunteer driven, so please be patient with us!

Current Projects

Supporting Educators

Expanding our Network & Building Relationships

Addressing School Disparities

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Support Group
Investment Chart

We are building a virtual network for anti-racist educators who can connect, share resources, and discuss challenges and successes in classroom practice between school buildings and across school districts. We are also applying to grants to help sponsor teachers to attend professional development opportunities that align with our mission.

We are continuously expanding our network to build a coalition with teachers, school leadership, other community organizations and local advocacy groups, as well as learning from experts and professionals in the fields of abolitionist, anti-racist, and anti-bias education.

We are analyzing data reported by schools on multiple metrics to assess disparities and understand the processes, policies, and systems in place to eliminate these disparities.  

Wishlist Projects

We hope to work on these in the future. Some of them will require funds and resources which we have yet to procure.

We encourage you to get involved if you have time, ideas, expertise, or resources to share!

Racial Equity Classroom Kits

Delivering materials to teachers to use in their classrooms that will help them start or expand their ability to make their classrooms more inclusive and equitable and to inspire students to center social justice as a core value.

Live virtual or in-person events for teachers

Creating opportunities and spaces (both virtual and face-to-face) for educators to collaborate, share resources and pedagogies, and connect each other outside the classroom and school building walls.

Synthesizing Student Stories

Gathering stories and first-hand accounts of students in public schools throughout Whatcom County and sharing these with the community - these stories would allow us to hear about their lived experiences.