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Whatcom Coalition for

Anti-Racist Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and advocate for actions that transform K-12 public schools in Whatcom County and empower the school community, such that schools are a space where values of anti-racism, equity, social justice, and inclusion are ingrained into the education system and classroom culture. 

Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization* of parents, educators and community members, primarily living in Whatcom County. We are here to support and advocate for actions in K-12 public schools that fulfill our mission.

*fiscally sponsored by the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

Girl in Classroom

We are here to advocate for:

  • Centering of student voices

  • Creating inclusive classrooms

  • Increasing representation and diversity of school staff

  • Incorporating multicultural perspectives in schools

  • Investments in infrastructure to support anti-bias/anti-racist work in schools

  • Changing school practices and policies that contribute to inequitable outcomes

  • Transforming curriculum to center ideals of identity, diversity, justice and action as core values

  • Incorporating anti-racist curriculum that incorporates honest, critical, diverse, and authentic perspectives of the world, of histories, and people, places, and events

We are here to support the school community by:

  • Creating a network of and for anti-racist educators

  • Providing educational resources for schools that center values of anti-racism, equity, social justice and inclusion

  • Gathering and synthesizing community voices

  • Partnering with existing organizations to create synergies related to our mission

Children in School Bus
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